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Best Cities to Work in India

Best Cities to Work in India


City plays a way critical role while deciding to start career or making a career shift. It is a key Dogma of mix of elements. After completing, the higher education next big question is WHICH COMPANY & WHICH PLACE? 

Why choosing a good city for work becomes crucial? Let us understand that in brief:-

1. Working Place should have companies that are Conducive for Fresh Talent.

2. Accessibility to the decent essential needs like Medical, Air / Railway / Bus depot, intra transportation facility from your local address.

3. Affordability for basic needs like home, food & travel.

4. Hangout / Recreational Areas.

5. Infrastructure to give you Quality of Life.


Let’s see how Pune offers all that in its umbrella and even more. Pune is the secondlargest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and is one of the most lovable places in India. It is the sixth best city as per capita income in India. 

  • Pune holds plethora of working opportunities with various sectors like IT, Automobile, Retail, Biotech, Pharma, Media, Manufacturing and Research. It also encourage fresh talent to join the high- spirited working cultures. Inclusion of Fresh talent is very critical for any organization to evolve & Pune definitely serves the best for you in platter.
  • While choosing a city for work, another critical aspect that plunges your mind is the accessibility of the essential needs like Medical, Schools & Institutions, Inter & Intra transportation facility from your local address & your probable work location in case of emergencies etc. As per the recent publish of a national magazine, Pune makes an ideal healthcare hub not just for focusing on preventive health check-ups but also for prompt emergency services & excellent healthcare facilities. Travel is well supported by aggregators like Ola/Uber and have a good reach in every nook & corner of the city. Apart from this if you want to travel in a conventional way Pune city and its suburbs are well connected via PMPML bus service as well.
  • While choosing city for work how can we forget the prospecting fixed expense, which is going to hit our hard-earned money. This is really a vital part which no one can Passover. You need to be highly considerate for this aspect. Well! We have a good news if you are seeing Pune as your working city, necessities like Food & Accommodation facility in Pune is highly affordable compare to other Tier 1 cities like Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore, which holds another significant reason to choose Pune as a working city over others.
  •  Pune provides you everything you need for a comfortable life – Great Weather, charming nature, Buzzing Nightlife etc. Such aspects gives you a superior life experience and makes it one of the best cities in India to live in. With the best Educational Facilities & IT hub, Pune has impressive lifestyle for youngsters as well.
  •  Apart from that, people who love sports & adventure, Pune offer you a great mix of splendid outdoors, which are quick weekend catch-up where you can enjoy trekking, waterfalls (seasonal), and various other forts and historical monuments to give you a refresh from routine.

We got one life and trust me! No one wants to regret living it compromised. So plan it out, pack your bags & Time to call for Movers & Packers! 
                                                                                                                  -written by Pragya Sinha

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