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About Us

From the CEO desk: Raja Rajan Vasu B.E MPIB MBA (USA)

Even Arena is focused on creating better workplaces with the framework of inclusive excellence.In a country like India ,leadership is a challenge with a culturally diversified environment.There is a minimum level of acceptance that is required,for the employees to be cohesive and function as a group.It is brought about by cultivating an environment that adheres to the initiatives of diversity and inclusion.It is no ordinary feat,that a global workplace achieves,which is similar to the wonderful aurora borealis in the sky.

In this website, the framework is prioritized towards diversity and inclusion.It is also a platform to know about various aspects, from some of the experienced, knowledgeable and experts in the industries. The content of the website is aligned under the various titles of diversity and inclusion; with the ease of information, the users can become more knowledgeable and innovative in handling their workplace.

Some of the most recent happenings are discussed under the topics, Covid impact in the workplace environment, worklife balance and Gender Equality.The website also showcases the research initiatives and the opinions of industry leaders, thereby giving the users a wider perspective on the workplaces in India.The users preparing for a paradigm shift in their career can read about the International and Global perspectives to enhance themselves.

Corporates can enhance their projects with the insights from the website. The user generated reviews, will contribute to the research, analyis and reports, thereby creating a full cycle. The insights will enable the users to possibly shape their future and also change their industry landscape.

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